The company Stamperia Casoli during the years has focused himself on the improvement of the product through steady implementation of the quality.

As above reaching the certifications below:

  • UNI-EN ISO 9001
  • AD 2000 PED
  • Manufactorer Approval with DNV-GL
  • Manufactorer Approval with Lloyd’s Register
  • Manufactorer Approval with American Bureau of Shipping

The inside process production is checked in all the phases:

  • all suppliers are certified and are constantly monitored.
  • we made 100% PPM material’s control that we received
  • all the production phases are monitored by our ERP system to allow full traceability of the process production,
  • during the production we proof the dimensional-check and the surface of the pcs.,
  • if customer requests us the heat-treatment, after the production we send the pcs. to our supplier,
  • as we received the pcs from our supplier after the heat-treatment, we check the pcs.’s hardness to control the good treatment’s results,
  • in case of identification of non-compliant products will proceed to identify the reasons and the same products will be isolated

Destructive test:

  • hardmeters
  • traction’s machine,
  • Pendulum for impact test

All the production and checking instruments are periodically calibrated to guarantee the accuracy of our measurements and proofs.

Our laboratory is able to perform the following checks:

  • Dimensional
  • Hardness
  • Non-Destructive Test (Magnetic Particle and Penetrant)
  • Chemical composition
  • Mechanical and metallographic tests

Non-destructive test:

  • magnetic and electric magnaflux
  • penetrant liquid in conformity with asme standards
  • portable chemical analysis machine
  • chemical analysis machine
  • measurement’s machine
  • metallographic laboratory